Why hire Tina Ramchandani Creative?

Below are just some of the valuable things we bring to your project. 

  • We bring our unique perspective and expertise to your home. 
  • Interior design is a delicate balance of planning, asethetics, and functionality.  We have over 12 years of experience in the field and we save you from making costly mistakes. 
  • Over the past 12 years we have build up a wide network of trusted resources and contacts. 
  • We present spaces to you as a whole, so you know exactly what your home will look like and exactly what the total cost will be prior to purchasing. You get the full picture, no surprises.
  • We help you save money. We share our trade-only discounts to our clients, and our billing is clear and transparent. 
  • We set up priorities and a schedule, everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We keep you updated throughout the project so you know what's happening next, and what to expect. 
  • You're going to save time. We take care of everything for you, so you don't have to lift a finger. This includes designing the space, specifying each and every thing that goes into a space, purchasing, coordinating delivery and installation, and taking care of all the details. You get to relax, and come home to a fully designed home.
  • We are your representatives and your liasons. We know how to speak the language of architects, contractors and vendors and we negotiate on your behalf, to get you the best deals possible and to ensure everything is done as promised.
  • At the end of the process you're going to have a beautifully designed home, with layers of details that will make you (and your guests) take notice. 
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